Joy, Emie & Mary Grace

Joy, Emie & Mary Grace:

We have stayed in the Orphanage for already 9 years from 2001 to the present 2010.  We have grown physically, socially and spiritually.  We participated in the national summer camp for the blind in 2004 & Emie got the championship award in reading and writing in Braille. I got second. Thanks to Fr. Bill who gave the orphanage Books written in Braille and the brailler machines.

We read and practiced writing. So we can already read the readings in the Holy Mass. God has gifted us also love for music. We do not know our future but we know God will help us if we do our best.

In the name of the 345 handicapped children we bless and thank the Lord for the Mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph. And we thank all the Parish Priests who share their blessings to the St. Joseph Orphanage.