Renante Dava

Young Renante Dava

RENANTE DAVA was born in Zaragosa, Bugasong, Antique with stump foot and one hand with deformed fingers. The leg with stump foot is shorter than the other foot; so he was limping when he walks.

His father died when he was still small and Renante used to help his mother by selling chlorine and garter wherever there is market day.  Sr. Concordia met him in the market of Patnongon. He was in grade 5. He was brought to the prosthestist in Iloilo together with Mario Gelle and Therese Miranda. All the three need prostheses. That was in the year 1988.

First project

He was further supported by Liliane Foundation in High School by giving him capital for his chlorine business. After High school he went to College still supported by Liliane Foundation taking up the course in Civil Engineering. He graduated in March 1998. He immediately took the Board and passed the Board Exam by the end of the year 1998, and received his Engineering License.

Renante was immediately employed by Engr. Dante Nebit. Renante’s professor. The first project Renate supervised was the Multi-purpose building of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The building was started in Jan. 1999 and was finished at the end of the year. He also supervised the new building of the orphanage in Maybato in the year 2002-2003. Now he manages his own projects. He married Amie Mebrillos also a scholar of Liliane Foundation.

Exposure in Japan in 2006

Engineer Renante Dava was elected President of ADP antique Chapter in the year 2003. He was also elected as one of the National Board trustees of the ADP.

In 2006 he was sent to Japan for exposure together with other Asian delegates. The next year he was also chosen as delegate for exposure in Malaysia. Now he owns a house and lot, a car, hardware store and has construction projects in several towns of Antique. He was married to Amie Membrillos also a polio victim. Now they have 3 children 1 girl and 2 boys.

He says without Liliane Foundation he would be limping around the market places of Antique selling chlorine. He said his handicap is a blessing that made him avail of a Liliane Scholarship.

Renante has also much good will and spirit of sacrifice. The mediator has trained him to be courageous and hard-working. He stayed with Liliane mediator during his College days and learned a lot in housekeeping, gardening and driving.