Report: Rehabilitation Center For The Handicapped


Many of the 349 handicapped children were assisted by Liliane Foundation through Sr. Concordia Villaram and have graduated in College – 2 are engineers: Engr. Renante Dava and Engr. Geoffery Castillo of Tibiao.

Some are working in Manila – 12 have been rehabilitated with artificial legs – some were given braces, wheelchairs. Almost all have been sent to school at least till high school, some have been sent to study vocational courses.

There are also handicapped children who underwent operations – like bone graft, skin graft, imperforated anus, fractured bones but Liliane Foundation has a limit and asks for parents to give a counterpart because their individual assistance is small. Sister Concordia is a mediator and receives no salary.  She searches for the handicapped, plans for the rehabilitation and their studies.

We believe special children have the same rights like other children. They have the right to education – to love and to be loved, to develop this talents and skills.  Like Helen Keller who was not only a vision-impaired but also hearing-impaired are needed by the handicapped children and by their parents so they can develop like other children.

These children, too, we hope, with the help of good people, can grow and improve spiritually and socially.

We thank Fr. Bill who donated the brailler machine and the musical instruments.  We thank Fr. Bobit who always think of the children whenever he finds some food. We thank most of all Fr. Joban who gave scholarship to 4 High School children Joy, Emie, Grace and Jovelyn and the orphans. Next June there are 6 graduating in the Elementary,  and if SAC can still accept then we will be very grateful to Fr. Joban and the SAC Board.

What we are quite anxious is the future of the hearing-impaired.  If they can finish High School they will be able to write their problems and desires. We hope we can find jobs for them.  Joy and Emie want to take computer programming. Thanks to Fr. Bobit who donated to SPED school the computer for the blind.

Emie and Joy can testify how they feel being in the orphanage.

One handicapped Renante Dava said “I thank God I was born a handicapped otherwise nobody would send me to college for an Engineering Course, much less to pay for my Board Examination Review.”   Now Renante has a house and a lot and has 3 bright children.