Marites Naranjo


MARITES NARANJO is from Piape 1, Hamtic, Antique. She had a bone cut near her ankle because of infection. She could not stand straight, now walk straight.

Through the assistance of Liliane she was operated 3 times to cut a bone from the hip and to make her bone leg equal in height with the other leg. The first 2 operations were not successful but the third one was finally successful. Flesh and skin grew with the added bone and Marites was able to walk without using crutches. All through her College she was using crutches.

Now for several years she was employed in Manila and was able to help send her younger brothers and sisters to school. They belong to a very poor family. Their bamboo house was a one room multi-purpose use. It’s a long time we did not visit her as she is working in manila.

She is a very pretty girl and in good health.