Carry Simple


CARRY SIMPLE is from Malandog, Hamtic, Antique. He had osteomylitis due to bone infection. His right leg is smaller and shorter than the other leg. He had to use crutches to balance when walking. He was 6 years old when the mediator Sr. Concordia met him.

Through the assistance of Liliane Fonds he was operated for possible straightening of his infected leg bone. He endured the stretching for almost a month in the hospital. But the knee remained as it was, so the 2nd time he was hospitalized they cut some tendons at the knee but it was also a failure.

It was only when he reached College that the infection seemed healed. He was determined to take Civil Engineering Course. Now Carry Simple is in 4th Year of Civil Engineering. He has one year more to study and then he will review for the Board Exam. Hopefully he will be a licensed engineer.

Last April 2007 after his summer class he went to Negros Occidental for a vacation. Somebody requested him to make design and he was the one who supervised the construction.