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  • grace-examen-155x155

    Grace Examen

    I am an orphan. I was accepted in the orphanage in 2000 with my sister Glen. In 2003 a couple wanted to be our foster parents who could send us to school. But one day Sister Concordia saw us walking with the lady in the...

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  • carry-simple-155x155

    Carry Simple

    CARRY SIMPLE is from Malandog, Hamtic, Antique. He had osteomylitis due to bone infection. His right leg is smaller and shorter than the other leg.

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  • rey-esteban-155x155

    Rey Esteban

    REY ESTEBAN is from Ilaures, Bugasong, Antique. He was a polio victim since the age of 1 year old. His father died when he was in high school. They are 8 children in the family. The mother is a food vendor. Being a single parent...

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  • marites-naranjo-155x155

    Marites Naranjo

    MARITES NARANJO is from Piape 1, Hamtic, Antique. She had a bone cut near her ankle because of infection. She could not stand straight, now walk straight. Through the assistance of Liliane she was operated 3 times to cut a bone from the hip and...

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  • mary_joy_panaguiton-155x155

    Mary Joy Panaguiton

    I am Mary Joy Panaguiton from Igbical Hamtic, Antique. I am totally blind.  I was accepted in St. Joseph Orphanage in 9 years ago I studied in SPED Elementary school and graduated in 2006. I was enrolled in 1st Year High School in Antique National...

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  • renante-dava-young-155x155

    Renante Dava

    RENANTE DAVA was born in Zaragosa, Bugasong, Antique with stump foot and one hand with deformed fingers. The leg with stump foot is shorter than the other foot; so he was limping when he walks. His father died when he was still small and Renante...

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  • Joy, Emie & Mary Grace

    Joy, Emie & Mary Grace

    Joy, Emie & Mary Grace: We have stayed in the Orphanage for already 9 years from 2001 to the present 2010.  We have grown physically, socially and spiritually.  We participated in the national summer camp for the blind in 2004 & Emie got the championship...

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